Saint Francis Home is licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia, Department of Social Services as an Assisted Living Facility.  As such, residents do not require skilled nursing care, but may need supervision and/or assistance in some of their activities of daily living.

Residents are encouraged to take an active role in planning for their care, and to function at their highest level of independence.  Residents must be ambulatory or semi-mobile (meaning they are mobile with the assistance of a walker or wheelchair), and capable of doing their own transferring and toileting. They must be able to eat meals without assistance. 

The Home does not accept abusive or aggressive residents or those who present a threat to themselves or others or are non-compliant with psychotropic medications.  Applicants are required to have a thorough physical examination and evaluation prior to admission to ensure that their care level is appropriate to Saint Francis Home.


Services provided at no additional charge to residents’ monthly fee include: