Upcoming Events and Activities

We hope you will be able to join us for one of our eye opening activities. We’ve always got something going on to excite and inspire.

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We pride ourselves on our activities for our seniors

Keeping the mind sharp, and the body active, means engaging the mind and body in ways that challenges strengths and tests cognitive skills, and that means everything from socializing to exercising to matching wits against the current dominoes champ.

Recreation and leisure activities

Sometimes the best activities for seniors are those that are calming and soothing. You’ve worked hard all of your life and now is a great time to relax. We offer gardening, cooking, watching movies with friends, spending time with pets, bus tours to restaurants and museums, shopping for basic amenities and even video games.

Enjoyment is the key

There does not have to be a limit to the types of activities you can enjoy. Each form of entertainment will offer its own set of appropriate challenges. There are always numerous crafts and projects to do on an ongoing basis. Play Bingo or Keno against your neighbor, or just enjoy treating yourself to the hair salon. Or get a mani pedi from one of our stylists.