Activities and Events

There’s something at Saint Francis Home to interest just about everyone: Arts and crafts, games, parties, music, gardening, celebration of the Eucharist, poetry and reading, nails/hair, exercise and athletic events, trips and cultural outings…

We offer a full range of options for thoughtful, challenging, creative social engagement, in keeping with the Seven Dimensions of Wellness:

Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Social, Environmental, Occupational and Spiritual.

The Seven Dimensions of Wellness


On a weekly basis we offer several seated exercise classes, trips to a local pool for water aerobics, and even a new “Body Talk” lecture series encouraging residents to learn more about basic health and hygiene. Soon we will be partnering with the YMCA to offer a new holistic fitness program “Aging Strong”: this features exercise, fall prevention education, incentives and testing to determine individual effectiveness.


Our emotional well-being determines how we interpret the world. Activities that incite empathy, passion, determination and excitement are encouraged: music, cinema, yoga and general entertainment venues help with this. We even have a “Good Grief Group” which helps residents productively navigate the stages of grief within a private, supportive setting.


Engaging in creative pursuits and intellectually stimulating activities is a proven approach to keeping minds alert and interested. We have our weekly brainteaser program that gets the residents’ neurons firing and a book club that encourages the reading and discussion of contemporary literature. Spanish classes, museum outings, monthly memoir writing and genealogy workshops allow residents to explore their own intellectual limits.


Each month’s program calendar includes live musical performances, outings, educational presentations, fitness classes, parties, games and spiritual activities.


For our residents with green thumbs, we offer gardening in one of numerous beds provided. In addition, we know that change is good for the soul; for this reason, we offer several monthly outings to get residents’ off campus and interacting with the greater community. Shopping trips, local library outings, The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, The Science Museum of Virginia, and the Virginia War Memorial are all programs of interest.


It is important for people of any age to feel useful and put their own unique set of skills and talents to the test. For that reason, our program department is careful to provide one-on-one visits with residents to discover how we can help them continue doing what they love to do (in whatever extent they are able).


Living with meaning and purpose (guided by personal values), is key to feelings of well-being and connection to the larger world. Group and individual faith-based activities, personal meditation, mindful exercise and experiencing nature can create the opportunity for spiritual growth.

Meaningful and fulfilling social interaction plays a critical role in our ongoing health